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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Growing up

Assalamulaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

well, many things have been going around lately, new things coming but memories stay :)

Ramadhan 1436H has ended more than a week ago and in this 2015, i spent  my Ramadhan at the place I'd never expected i will be seeking for knowledges for a year (2 semester), Kolej Matrikulasi Perak, Gopeng, taking Sains Modul 3 because Im really bad at physics! huhu

me on the last day of orientation week, this was 2 months ago!

The hill to Masjid Al Maghfirah
Frankly, I was quite sad, yes because I thought I would not be in Science stream anymore after SPM. But I think if I can just go beyond my own expectation, that will be quite impressive, In sha Allah ;D After all, I am still considering to not taking science course after I finish matriculation, hahhaahha entahla lets just pray for me :P

Well, the view at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak (KMPk) is undeniably magnificent! Very calming and soothing, far from the noise of city but well it's just 30 mins away from Ipoh, where I live at hahahahh yesss it's too close from my home, i'm quite happy about it because I don't have to worry about transportation expenses. I have a lot of acquaintances and friends here from Terengganu, so they have to learn to live far from their home. too different from me. Well, but when I was in form4-form5 , I had to stay at a place 2 and a half hours from my home okaayyy, Bagan Datoh tercintaaa. Nun hilirrrr perak tuuu hahah, miss it ^^

Subhanallah. The sky of Gopeng (pic was taken on Maghrib of 1 Ramadhan 1436 hijrah)
I do cry sometimes because I thought I am not strong enough to pass through all this. My heart rebels silently. I am dissapointed with myself. Looking at everyone else's accomplishment, i 'accidentally' compare myself with them and that makes my self esteem abruptly decrease, loosing my self confidence. so sad, right?? haha

But what keeps me going is the hidden hope that lies in myself, the face and the prayer that my parents send when they send me back to matriks. Of course, I myself want to perform better in my tertiary education, biidznillah.

He knows best for me. The path He has created and opened for me is the journey I must step on, either I crawl, walk or run. It doesnt matter how far and long the journey is, what matters are the things I see, the things I take for granted and what I learnt from either the thorny or smooth journey. let's just be ready and excited about it! hahahha I hope what i said is what I can follow. 

Well, raya pun dah seminggu kan, nak share a few photos of this year raya but semakin besar dah tak meriah macam waktu kecil2 dulu. (the duit raya part is the most saddening things, im just 18 kot :'( hehe

Just a pic of me and my cousins trying to get the best shot of us jumping on first eid :D

second eid at my kampung ; Manong, Kuala Kangsar 

I cant do my tutor, look someone wants my attention, love you Minguk (one of my cats, there are 4 of them !)

Bye, love you. haha

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