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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Test and Hope.

There will be time when
We just have to 
Fake a smile
Fake our happiness
To be able to feel
And have a slight taste of
Other people's happiness 

Of which ours has lost 


Yes. It is definitely 'hidden' for a while because God works in a very mysterious way that none of us can figure out. 

-gambar hiasan semata mata hihi-

To be thinking about something that may put you down for a very long time would definitely bring us to even deepest sorrow. In that moment, Syaitan will slowly persuade us to go against and question the fate that has beautifully written by Allah. nauzubillah. 

That is why there are always ways to avoid ourselves from being too emotional or layan sangat perasaan tu.

^It's okay to cry. Let the tears flow and In Sha Allah you will feel less burden :)
^Perform wudu'. let all the water clean your face, clean the tears. In Sha Allah the water will help you calm yourself down.
^If being alone helps you to think better, let's just simply sit down and relax your mind. Make sure you aren't easily convinced by the negative thoughts that hit you hard.
^You can somehow talk to people you trust and ask for opinions and advices. Not everyone can offer good opinions but some people can make a great listener.
^Try to avoid too much complains spit out from our mouth instead ask and talk to Allah in our prayer. He listens. Ingat, doa senjata mukmin, never stop praying.

Most importantly, always remember and have faith that if he doesn't answer your prayer right away, there must be a better plan. What should we do? Give the best that we can and hope for the best.

One more thing, hope is one beautiful word in our life that simply exist to help a lot of souls that have or are battling up through some difficult moments. Remember friends, where there is a living human being, there is also HOPE. 

"When the world says, 'give up,'
 Hope whispers,'try it one more time.'"
May Allah bless us all :)
La Tahzan InAllaha Ma'ana
Jangan bersedih sesungguhnya Allah bersama kita :)

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