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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Can I...???

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Beautiful Drizzle

By the window
I sit
My eyes stared at the drizzle,
How calm

I wish to dance in the beautiful drizzle
And sing with the chirp of birds
until the sun goes out
And chickens go back to their coop

But the elder won't allow
And I will be cooped up
In my dark house
Unable to feel the adventure

6:52 p.m.

Alhamdulillah, it has been 7 weeks since me and my other batchmates finished our school and new school session is just about to start. Good luck for you guys :)

7 weeks is quite a long term. Some has started to go to work, Some are taking their driving license. Some go to either cooking or sewing class, to improve  their skills. Some went for National Service Programme which I think are very lucky!But some maybe just hang around at home doing almost nothing (as example : me!) haha. But I am working on to find a job! In sha Allah, pray for me hehe.  Most importantly, most of our plans before spm is just a plan, nothing is well done though... including trying to finish all my novels :(

Mia, my cat yg gedik! (saje selit gambar dia)


So what is the point I insert a poem I called "Beautiful drizzle" above??

Most of us may have our own plan. To go to that carnival, to join a usrah, to travel. To be a volunteer. To work part time and other any events which you found long ago interesting but couldn't find a way to join as you are still busy with school,

So, now you are fully free, fully spacious and are very excited to do a lot of things before you have to leave house again and get into university!


There's one problem

You didn't get the support you need from your parents!


" What is it about??? What's the benefits?? Why should you join that?? I don't think you have to do that, just stay home. , It's dangerous to work there and you're a girl, not safe! You don't have to work, I can give you money" Just help your mom and take care of your sisters and brothers"

So these are some of the excuses your parents might give as to not allow you to do the things you want.

You are terribly sad. You are angry. You are mad. You want to rebel. You start to accuse them as not a understanding parents. You think you are right. you lock yourself in your room. You throw things. You cry. You cover yourself in your comfy blanket. You didn't eat. Oh wow. How upset you are...

maybe at that moment, you think they are wrong and you are right.. Why don't they give you the chance, right???

I admit it, some parents may not be supportive enough to what excite their children. In that case, we as a teenager must understand the situation we are facing, having unsupportive parents is hard because you need to have a lot of evidences and proof in order to answer their questions and fulfill their 'terms and conditions' if we want to do something. But isn't everything happen for a reason??

Maybe with their strict rules and conditions, you might as well avoid yourself from getting bad influences from the other teenagers. Remember, we always need to be patient. Maybe this is not the time to do a lot of things yet... maybe Allah is helping us to increase our deeds by staying at home, helping to lessen your parents burden at home, do a lot of chores and always make your parents happy :D  In Sha Allah, He won't forget you, He will pay you a tremendously great enjoyment, maybe after this (in the future) without you realizing it :)

So, my dear friends, anything that come into your life, Maybe it hits you a little bit and make you fall, just stay positive and think deeper. Look at the positive sides, you never know what will you receive because what comes around goes around! SMILEEEEE :) YOU'RE SO PRETTY/HANDSOME !

3 love(s) me:

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

you sound so nice ;-;

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I just finished my SPM and i does not have any plan yet ..... can you suggest me anything interesting ? Thankyou ��

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

@Anonymous: hi, im sorry for the late reply but i don't think i can suggest anything because it all depends on what is your interest and based on your results too, so goodluck :)


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