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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Meeting an End to Begin Something

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye!

Guess what! hehe
Spm is over! and i am oficially no longer a school student. there was a mix feeling, undescribeable, maybe those yang dah habis sekolah je faham kot because you are somehow happy and excited about it but at the same time sad to know that you are leaving everything that had gave you a big influence in your life which is also has made who you are becoming now ^_^

I will miss the sky, the  scorching hot sun of Bagan Datoh and the cold night in its dark skies 

Walking through this path everyday, netball training on that court and much more to be seen
For those who have been following me, you must know that it was a  struggle at first to stay at a place 2 and and half hours from your home. taking quiet a long time to adapt and fit myself in. Befriend and look for more friends. Start it all over again when actually you have already almost everything at the place you have been before.

Why do I have to go and leave.
I am so glad that I can finally conclude everything. I had a good reputation and friends, teachers, environment quality of studying at my old school, Raja Perempuan School, Ipoh (RPS) but I decided to move even it was unexpectedly a place I rarely heard before heheh, SM Sains Bagan Datoh (SABDA). So I have a lot of experiences from sekolah harian and sekolah berasrama. Those things that build myself, I love it.

Behind our surau

Futsal court. to release tension with friends, walaupun beberapa kali je menjejak kaki kat situ hehe

We cry, we laugh, we critic each other. we help each other. we smile and share stories, we are sisters, princesses of my heart :) love you, mirrah, alya, aisyah , asiah

I thank God that He has gave me people that could teach me how to face my own future
they unintentionally making me more matured in choosing, define, and making decision
wether they are bad or they are good people
they still taught me how to interact and communicate
to be a person who is always concern and care
for what is happening around

I hope i can be a better person, In sha Allah
Just be good to Allah, He will give us the good things :)

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