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Friday, February 1, 2013

1 Feb 2013-World Hijab Day.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

It has been quite a moment since I update my blog. Sorry I was at school for almost 24/7 haha. And yeah I can't deny to say that this year is tougher than ever! But its ok I like it and I hope I can get through all this, In sha Allah :)

Eh what my intention actually ahhh

Oh yaaa! If u ever concern, today is World Hijab Day. It even came up in BBC World News -check this out-  

I start wearing hijab when I was in standard 4, around middle year, nearly the end of 2007.
Why did I decide to wear it? Because I dunno, every time I go out, I feel very shy, timid, low confidence and don't have the guts to walk confidently. So I thought maybe this is because of hormone changes whatsoever bla bla bla. When I put on hijab, I feel much comfortable, protected and safe! And now I'm already 16, Alhamdulillah I'm still wearing it.

But from time to time, I learnt quite a few things. Like before this I dun really bother about covering chest and wearing stocking haha. But now I take a few steps, yeah maybe to be a better slave of Allah swt. Ameen! (but sometimes I'm too lazy to wear stocking hohoho)

When I enter secondary school, I knew quite a number of friends who still didn't cover their aurah even they have gone through puberty stage. When they grew older and learn a lot of things, be more matured, they take positive step by put on the hijab. I was like the happiest person in the entire wold to see their 'penghijrahan' . Alhamdulillah!

But the challenges are too big, sometimes they can't handle it properly. I may get used to it because I have wore it since I was 10 years old but them... they are just trying to figure out what are they doing. So, people, please.. if u want to give any advice, make sure it is given with gentle. No one like to be pointed right? Because daawah too, is extremely beautiful if it is given using the correct ways, according to the sunnah :)


For girls and women who are still in doubt to wear hijab, think postively. Do it because you want to please Allah swt. Because hijab is not just to cover your hair, aurah, It is to inculcate modesty in you, bring you closer to Allah swt :D Feel safer and protected, far from the gaze of the bad men.


Be a good muslimah, you will be happy. In sha Allah!

So this is me when I was 11. A year after my first  time of wearing hijab. Hahahah funny!

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