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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alley Cats- Pak Cik and Black.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Let me tell you one thing about me- I love cats so much. I feel like stroking them all time. I feel like talking to them, tell them how I love them so much.

But, I haven't had any cats as a pet. My mother didn't allowed me to have one because she said "Bukan kamu yang jaga, umi yang jaga," She's true though. I'm busy with school. Eventhough she's a housewife, that doesn't mean she doesn't have anything to do at home. In fact, she has a lot to do with this lazy daughter she had.

Despite of that, I and my sisters have always concern about the stray cats who always wander at the alley behind our house. Yeah, you know what I mean. Terrace house and all that.

We always make them milk. Sometimes my elder sister will call me up from the kitchen, " Iqah, bagi kucing ikan!."

Then, just this afternoon, while me and my mother were preparing the dishes for lunch, I saw a cat behind my house. I saw a pity face, a face that was asking for something, a face that was full with wound. I knew that cat. We called him Pak Cik because he's a big male cat who is always involved in a fight with some other vicious cat. Sometimes I called him kucing jahat. Hehe :D

I made him a milk and placed it near enough for him to see. Then I captured him drinking the milk.

Then, came the black handsome cat emerged out of nowhere. Hoho.

Well, Goodbye peeps!

We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures. – [Quran 21:107]

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sitihanisahali said... [Reply to comment]

me love cats kite senasib.mak x bg bela kucing sebab kami adik beradik semua alahan dengan bulu kucing.

btw,akak selalu jadi silent reader blog ni.bile tengok umur,eh macam x percaya baru nak pmr.idea faiqah matang.bagus ^___^

eh betol ke ni 15 tahun?

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

@sitihanisahali: takpe, nanti dah tua, saya belalah kucing sbb saya tak alah. HOHOHO

akak, saya benar2 tak sangka saya ade silent reader. Terima kasih sangat2!

Akak, saya memang 15. Lahir pada tahun 1997. Bukankah umur itu cuma angka bak kata orang? Hahah

yana halim said... [Reply to comment]

akak penakut kucing...huhu..

AfnieSyaa said... [Reply to comment]

Setiap titisan susu memberi beribu makna :') *amboii emosi ko dhekkk! HAHA

Miss Etown said... [Reply to comment]

nice entry.. hi im already follow ur blog.. feel free to visit n follow me back. thanks :)

sedutzone said... [Reply to comment]

meow... meow... meow...

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

takpe eh.. sekali sekala ^^

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

meow meow?


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