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Friday, May 18, 2012

Feed my soul and your soul!

Assalamulaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Woah Alhamdulillah, Mid Year exam is finally over!

Setelah aku dan rakan2 aku berhempas pulas menyiapkan kertas Seni yang merupakan kertas terakhir, kami pulang ke rumah dengan hati yang mekar semekar bunga di taman. Tapi kami consider semalam paper last sebab malam sebelum paper last which is PJ and Seni, memang tak buat apa-apa preparation. Bila dah sampai sekolah, barulah rajin-rajin sikit bukak buku PJ, bacalah apa yang patut walaupun dok sembang je sebenonya :P

Pra Percubaan PMR bulan Julai ni, jadi bolehlah relax sikit *sikit je*.

Times to feed my soul with some entertainment.
Some people feed their soul with music
Some with books
Some with writing
and so much to be mentioned here.

But whatever it is, next week until 2 weeks of school holiday which falls on 26 of May, I'm gonna do book-a-thon. There's dozens of book to be finished (not-so-dozen actually) at home. But, what am I gonna read after PMR? It's okay, buy new books! Hewhewhew! banyak duit kau

The latest one is the book I have ordered from Scholastic Press weeks ago had just arrived last week. I mean, my school helped me to order the book The Scholastic agent came to collect the book form and the money and then the book arrive after 2-3 weeks. But the discount gave by them drives me crazy. Here they give you until 70% discount, if i'm not mistaken. I bought The Hunger Games Trilogy which cost RM48. If I buy it from outside, it may reach RM100+. ^0^

3 for RM48! woohoo, I LIKEEE

But, is what am I thinking of feeding my soul is really can feed my soul? Ha? Actually there's no wrong to read and listen to some music etc as long it does not bring any harm and make us neglect our duty. But, should I spend more time on reading this kind of book, listen to music, watching televison and stuff rather than doing something else that is more imprtant? Hmmmm..Let us figure it out!

How can we feed our soul in a better way?

Feed your soul and
Treat your heart with AL QURAN!


"And We send down of the Qur'an that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss" - Al Israa 18:72

Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured."
-Ar Raad 13:28

A page of Quran a day, keeps the syaitan away!
I am also trying to understand and read Al Quran as often as I can but sometimes syaitan did cucuk cucuk me. Ya Allah, please protect me from syaitanirajim! Its true when you read Al Quran often, and when you accidentally miss it, you will be missing it and feel like crying because neglected it even for a while. His words are very powerful and true :) Subhanaallah.

Al Quran given by my sister on my birhday last year :) Thanks dear sis!

Let's read Al-Quran! :)


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