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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Me and my 4 girlfriends went to Jusco Kinta City to watch a box office movie and bestseller novel. THE HUNGER GAMES.

Menonton bukan sekadar menonton.
Hapdet blog bukan setakat hapdet.

What I meant here is that I obtain lessons from this movie and I'm surely gonna type it out here in my blog. Ngehhhh.

At first, what cause me to be so impatience to watch this movie is because it's a bestseller novel and my Chinese friends start changing their default pic into this movie's wallpaper. Ok, that is enough to attract my attention. Plus, I'd really love to watch a movie that put teenage or kids as the main characters. Hehe, like Harry Potter, Narnia. So cute. and I'm not really into Twilight. Sebab lelaki dia hensem sangat kot, malu nak tengok. Haha

So, what do you think about The Hunger Games, Faiqah?
Wow, great! Putting me into such situation I've never been through. Like when the kids all over the town gathered to know who will be chose to represent their District (District 12). Aww, who wants to be someone who does not know what's gonna happen to him/her except that they know they have 98% probability of no longer alive and 2% of Insyaallah will still be alive.
Katniss volunteered herself as to replace her sister.
And who wants to stay in a jungle just to fight till death. Killing each other. Hew, i'm not gonna do that for sure!

But, this movie did surely gave me new adventure, new feelings. My heart goes dupdap all the time for not knowing what's gonna happen next. 

And...the lessons? How does it affect you?
If I were one of them, I will always think about death...death..death. It hunts me. And it reminds me of a phrase "LIVE AS YOU WILL DIE TOMORROW". When we always think about death, we will definitely work more so that our day won't be wasted. "When their specified time arrives, they cannot delay it for a single hour nor can they bring it forward," (Al- Nahl 16:61)They (the Tribute) is so eager to win because the do not want to die in this battle. So, they have to figure out a lot of things and how can they be the winner of the game.

So do we. We have to figure a lot of ways how can we live our day to be a 'DAY'. Not just a day. As for muslims, having a 'DAY' here is increasing our good deeds towards Allah and other human being or any other God's creation. At the same time, perform our Fardu Kifayah such as doing our duties as a student properly, do our job perfectly so that we will be promoted and Muslims will be looked for our kerajinan..hehe
Then, I learnt that we got to have mercy and sympathy. Katniss is a soft-hearted girl. She replaces her sister who is actually has to be the Tribute and she did the best to protect Rue (one of the tributers. She's from District 11) but  her time has come. She can actually kill Rue from earlier but the sympathy feeling that has been nurtured in her heart doesn't allow her to do so. After that, she got to meet Peeta, and she can kill him if she wants because Peeta is not in his best condition. Her job will be easier but she did not and at last, they two meet happy ending. HEHEEEE.

So do we. Sympathy and empathy and mercy and whatsoever feelings that has relation with these words will save us at last. What you give, you get back. You had a sympathy feeling to someone but nobody does have that feeling. Then, Insyaallah, when you need that feeling from someone. Allah will send someone to you. Insyaallah. " Then do ye remember Me I will remember you." (Al Baqarah 2:152) 

That's all what I thought. May peace be upon all of us!

Peeta Melark.(Josh Hutcherson)
Katniss Everdeen. (Jeniffer Lawrence)

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