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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Cross Country and the RPSians' PASSION

Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Today,our school,SMK RAJA PEREMPUAN got cross country..and it was really really really  FUN!
I think it's more suit to call it MERENTAS-RUMAH BESAR YG BANYAK ANJING..hahah!!
Everytime,we passed any houses,there must be sound of woof-woof and i will like answer them back wif woof-woof sound!!haha! Sometimes,i answer meow-meow..hehe..
I came late..but not too late..and our class got no number tag..and it was a really KELAM KABUT!
And then,we got senomrobik ...before that,we warmed up..and ntg exciting happen yet..

Just after that,group C(the form1 and form2) start crossing the 'desa'-the residential area actually-
Then..something make my jantung like going out.. we saw the rudeness of this girl..Who's this GIRL??
let it remains secreto...
When we start,the RKS(Sukan gurls) of cos will be in front and a girl felt..and many of the ppl were being call to help this rude girl..and u know what?? She doesn't even said thanks or Thank You..but what came up from her mouth was *tutt*(I dun want to pollute my blog with this nonsense word)..

And she continue running and pushing others in order to never thought there's somebody like this GIRL..U know what again??? She pushed a girl and that girl felt down and she doesn't even said SORRY..orr least..That means her rudeness is in the maximum level..HAHAh..She is in top 10 place.No berkat,of cos..

And  me n my fren,Afnie just kept running...sometimes walking...we are not in the early places but we were not at the behind..and something shocking happened..Hahaha!!
It was so funny..Gurls from Group B(The Form3 and 4) had ran in front of us eventhough they started late than us..What a shock!! hahah!But mostly the RKS..

After had arrived,we relax at the DATARAN and went to canteen, fill our stomach..and then ALHAMDULILLAH! kenyang!
Then,we had to go to the DEWAN for awards ceremony..WE waited there for an hour bcos have to wait for the HeadMistress..

For Category C:MURNI won! YEAH!!!
For Category B:Setia won..
For Category A:MURNI won! YEAH!!!
(Form5 and 6)

But overall,Setia won maybe bcos Kehadiran ramai kot...Anyway,LOVE MURNI..
I love this time when all the RPSians were all bersemangat..and we sang GEMURUH JIWA by Faizal Tahir altogether..and we shout when our rumah sukan menang...very THE SEMANGAT,.hahha! LUV IT..
It all finished at 12 pm..but we prefects had meeting and the meeting will be secret and a SURPRISE..
JUst wait for that day...
*Thanks to my bestie,Afnie for accompanying me along the rentasan.. :)

                                                                                         Faiqah :)

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