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Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Am I pretty?"

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello hye
Weeeee I'm back! (If anyone ever bother hehe)
Well, mid term school holiday is almost meet its end and I'm here like going ulalalalala everyday *sigh* I dunno when will I finally change myself into someone really prepared to sit for a big examination :(
What am I gonna talk is about something we often do nowadays especially teenagers. Including me and I somehow hate it. A lot.

I stalk a lot. Maybe 'we' is better. Ahhh I know there are too many pretty girls, so flawless! I was like what's wrong with these drop dead gorgeous girls and women. Have they ever been out and expose their skin to the sun? Why are their skins so flawless and fair and where's your acne where's your pimples where where where were theyyyyy? Why are their eyes so round and shining and why are they so thin and whyyyy their attires so wowww especially with the muslimah style. And why why why are they being so hijabista fashionista very stunning! ? So many why. So many likes, so many followers, full of compliments in their comments section.One more, how can their photos be edited so nicely hahah apps iphong lettew
You'll say hmmm that is all being edited or they use Camera360 whatsoever. My pimples can still be seen eventhough I use cam360!  Wahaha
Regarding that, most of us will feel really low self-esteem. Really.
"I feel so ugly"
"I don't deserve anything, even an instagram account sobs sobs"
"Erh this world has been filled with pretty girls, I should kill myself lol jkjk"
Or those with more confident
"Bajet betul perempuan ni! Ko pikir kau cantik, muka kau penuh kat ig ni erhhhh"
"Bla la, ini semua dusta,  kat luar mesti nampak segala kawah kat muka tu lulz"
Whatever it is. We should believe that is all temporary. Eventhough they are a lot of pretty girls out there and u don't feel belong to this particular group *actually you are* , there are also people with kind hearted and always being sincere in doing everything. They don't see other's negative side but always think about the positive and beautiful side of someone.  That is how true beauty were created and shaped. True beauty comes from within. Who you are and what you believe make the impact in your life.
Sometimes, the beauty we see with these pair of eyes Allah gave to us is not enough. Do not judge too quickly. Be someone who always appreciate His blessing and know that Allah is being fair to everyone. There are always reasons why your photos are not being seen and compliment by a lot of people. Maybe because Allah is protecting and keeping your beauty to the right one. Just believe that the things we want so much like instant fame, being a famous person is not important. Sometimes these famous people can forget and being show offy (I'm not saying anyone). Uploading a lot of photos without thinking that people may thought a feeling of unfortunate. Being normal is good, being ourselves right now is great! You can always feel free without have to think about your appearance and whatsoever.
Just smile and be the part of kind and generous people! And you'll never be worried ^_^
One more thing, do not inculcate envy and jealousy too easily because it will fade away your beauty!

Because the real thing that attract people is your mind, you fall in love with their thoughts, the way they think, their attitude, the way they talk.
"Beauty may attract people, but your thoughts are what's going to make them stay" chill!

P/s: I have prob updating blog via web and now I'm using my tab and I can't insert any pics or else I will not be able too publish this post :'(
Thanks for reading anyway ;)

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