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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Growing, Changing & Forgetting.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

As we grow up, we didn't realize do we? Many things we had forgotten. From the most beautiful things to the best imagination we had. Now, we often put a barrier on our unlimited imagination.We put a limit into it. Stop.

All the happiness and joyous we felt and we saw is just a memory. The world we once see it as a beautiful place, with a lot of colors and many things to explore. But, now sometimes we are just afraid to know what future awaits. Too many things happened that some of it bleached away colorful memories in our life. 

We were too young and to naive about life. The feelings that we feel now has changed. We experience mood swing almost all the time. Once we thought everyone was kind but now we always get suspicious towards people around us. 

We don't have to think much back then. All we think about is to enjoy things around us. But now, too many things to think and keep. Too many responsible to hold that we often get stressed out.

Back then, we were all friends, regardless colors, genders and religion. Now there are friendzone and a relationship that we called love. There are also racism and hatred towards each other of us.

Why is this all happening? Why can't this world be a more peaceful place where people love each other?

This is life, this is our world.
We need to learn
We need to explore
We need to experience
We need to appreciate
We need to love this life

No matter how hard you try, people may still wound you. You can dwell or you can keep growing. Keep going.-Yasmin Mogahed-

When the dark clouds of trial & tribulation (fitnah) appear, one can only continue down the straight path with the light of faith (Iman).

1 December 2013 

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