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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Boarding School Thingy Part II.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

The Boarding School Thingy part I

Keputusan kemasukan Tingkatan 4 ke SBP sudah pun keluar pada 16 Januari yang lalu dan malangnya, saya tidak berjaya ditawarkan ke mana2 SBP. Oh how sad. This is thing, I checked the result at school, Bilik Multimedia because me and my other friends were too impatient haha. I'm the first person to check and tadaa after seeing the result, I straight away cried like a baby. Haha. I'm too shocked. I think bcos I put a very high hope on it.

Alhamdulillah, 2 of my friends In sha Allah will be going to Sekolah Sains Seri Puteri, KL (Seseri). One of my friends, Mimi was offered a place in SM Sains Bagan Datoh but she seems like rejecting the offer :/ And this very lucky girl, Qistina Hashim is going to Sekolah Menengah Tinggi Permata Pintar, UKM, Bangi -only geniuses allowed. She had spent her very last moment in RPS last Friday and will be in her new school on 21st Jan 2013.

Terlebih gedik dengan Qis (right)
Meow meow :3

Wish u ... a happy two years at that school. have fun and remember Allah.. always! Keep calm and love Hello kitty :3

Next, Nurin my bus-partner. She's going to Sekolah Sains Seri Puteri KL this 29th Jan. 

Nurin cute :D

Nurin, you've always been worried that you might get attacked by culture shock or what.. I know u wont cos you are kind an I know you've developed a good relationship with Allah swt. I always put my trust on you, sometimes u dunno yourself, u dunno your level of maturity and thinking but I know, you can survive as a good slave of the One, Allah swt :) People might think you are naive but I think you are unique. Someone like you is hard to find. The most thing I like about you is you ask me a lot. Sometimes I dunno how to answer but I tried cos I like it. Hehe :D

Then Firaaaaa, i'm not sure wether you're going to Seseri or not. 

But what's funny is when she knows the result. Fira kan... dia pon letak lah i/c dan angka giliran. Tekan Semakan. Aku yang berdiri kat belakang dia tiba-tiba bertukar menjadi seorang Prince yang menyambut seorang Princess. Sebab kan, Fira tiba2 je jatuh ke belakang lalu memaksa aku menyambut dia. Waktu tu aku gelak2 gila. Tak tau nak cakap apa. Aku gelak sebab aku gembira untuk Fira dan pada masa yang sama aku gelak sebab Fira berdrama dalam Bilik Multimedia tu. But I really hope you can finish these precious two years and sit for SPM in Seseri. I seriously hoping for you!

And Mimi, too I dunno what's your decision. Good luck and think deeply. Grab this chance.

And now, I'm currently waiting for MRSM result.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Takpe kalau tak dapat.. kita think positive yang rancangan Allah tu lebih baik. InsyaAllah

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

Ye betul tu. Terima kasih ;-)

sitihanisahali said... [Reply to comment]

never put ur hopes down but never put it too to allah.allah is the best planner.teruskan berdoa ya dik..goodluck! ^^

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

@sitihanisahali: In sha Allah. Terima kasih :D


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