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Monday, November 5, 2012

Anything to do during school holidays?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah'
Hello Hye'

School holiday has not starting yet. But i've already feel like having one already because yeah PMR is over bla bla bla.

I'm thinking of writing a lot of things in blog and I really hope I can come up with big ideas. Something fresh and good to read.

I miss the moment when I was so passionate to write and to read.

I need to read a lot in order to publish good entries because I believe most of our writings signify our readings. What we read could affect our writing. I believe it is so.

and lately, I notice that my entries were about my life. Apparently, it's not wrong because this is my PERSONAL blog but it makes me feel guilty. Maybe because my blog title signifies a blog with entries like 'muslimah yang disayangi Allah', 'jiwa yang bersih mengingati Allah'... hoho.. something like that. But it's not wrong right?

Basically, the idea of having this kind of title makes me feel more aware of what I write. I will sometimes 'backspace' what I have written in order to 'preserve' the word muslimah. I don't want people to misunderstood it. Like 'bajet gile budak ni, nama blog muslimah gila padahal entri dia sume cakap kasar gile'.  So, the blog title is like a warn for me to be more careful when I write and concern about others' feeling. The most important thing is this blog can be a good deal for me to gain rewards from Allah, and who knows our relationship with Allah too can be improved!

So, my hope for this school holiday is to read and write as much as I can and gain knowledges!

Blogging is not only about sharing your thoughts, it's about sharing your knowledges. And only wise people do so!

2 love(s) me:

Fa DiN B2UtY said... [Reply to comment]

truskan niat anda faie!u can do it!dimane ade kemahuan,di situ ade jalan;)

Faiqah Umaira Jamly said... [Reply to comment]

@Fa DiN B2UtY: Insyaallah, terima kasih :)


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