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Saturday, January 8, 2011

First week of being in YELLOW

Assalamualaikum W.b.T

Hello!! It's the first week of being in yellow..dunno what does it mean by?
Ok..As I told before,I was choose to be one of the 22 prefects..and i must wear kuning! and kain coklat!and tudung putih!and kasut hitam! but i dun like to wear the kameja and the kain line A bcos u know..why...i kinda got fats there and there..yeah..i mean everyone got fats but sye lebih..haha..that's the pay i get after not having a healthy diet and eat whateva i like..stop babbling Faiqah...
OK, Dun eat like a hungry monsta ok?

Rasulullah said; stop eating before u have already full.. :)
Hey,I'm not going to talk about healthy diet la..whatsoever

Firstly,it's the first day..WOW!!!! i really mean iT!!! WOWW!! actually,i was kinda excited to meet all my juniors(the form 1 students) not very excited la..
Actually, i was given a responsibility-chewah- to guard the f1 wif other prefects frens and that's i call

At first,it was really hard but it's ok cos that's what we call RESPONSIBILITY not a burden ,ok..
but as a student eventhough we are not in the class..and left so many things..we must catch up! ask our frens what to do..if we fall just get up quickly..not fall maybe sprain..just like when u sprain ur ankle or knee..and u put some minyak angin, right? Just consider that u will put some minyak angin after being test..remember..Allah is always with us..
That's what happen to me..but i put the real minyak angin :D

I'm on duty guarding the f1 students for 3 days...3 days is enough to make me sprain my knee..haha..and maybe to lost a few's really tiring..but we,prefects learn to work together...

*Alhamdulillah,I got to enter my fav class, 2 AZALEA..


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