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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Back :D

Assalamualaiku W.B.T and Hello!!!
Ooohh..i know..I have stop posting stuff on my blog, right? Yeah..some problems happen..that makes me cannot on9...(ALMOST A MONTH!)
The last posting was sooo long time ago...and now it has been  weeks of HOLIDAY!!
That means another 2 weeks to go to my 'LOVELY SCHOOL' .. :(
There are so many things had happened...such as BAD RESULT for FINAL EXAM..but it's ok..It didn't really bother me cos we need TO LOOK STRAIGHT and FOCUS ON OUR NEXT CHALLENGE! alright?? 

DUN HAVE A COW..(i learn this word from Ben Bradshaw)-a famous english teacher on youtube n fb-
means RELAX LA, BRO..hehe ;D

Instead of Bad Final Exam result,there's sumthing that rise my student's spirit..HAHA!!
Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for   giving chance to improve myself through involving myself in PREFECTERIOL BOARD  next yr ..and I was choose to be PENOLONG KETUA KANTIN..  That's why I've changed my blog background into sumthing related wif FooD!!Eventhough ,that was not a very high-pangkat but I like it cos I get to BERBAKTI..hehe

This could make my daily routine busier than ever cos this is not as EASY AS ALIF BA TA ..

I will try as harder and smarter I can to divide my time between an EXCELLENT STUDENT and a RESPONSIBLE PREFECT appropriately.

This may sound tough for me bcos I'm not a very high-iQ student ,so i need to have a race between time and me..pray for me..Insyaallah..As long as I and You and We BELIEVE THAT ALLAH IS ALWAYS WIF US.. I am sure that I can pass through this journey !AMIN!
I also hope that I can be an OBEY SERVANT OF ALLAH and a better daughter and sure you are!

O Allah,The Almighty!Ya Rahman,Ya Rahim,Ya Zuljalal Wal Ikram..
I hope.I wish.I beg on You!
May I Become an Obey Daughter.A Good Muslimah. and an Excellent Student..

And all my frens too..dun forget to ask fogiveness from Allah too..For this upcoming 2011 too!


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