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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nearly Final Exam

Helo everyone..just wanna tell u that Final Exam is around the corner!Still hoping  and trying to score 8A's..Is it possible?..Insyaallah..May Allah help me..but the only thing I am worried about is MATHS..I dunno why but the fact is I really dun like that subject.I useed to like that subject when I was in standard 6 but now it like ahh..maths?malasnye..when it times for maths feels mmmm...grrrr....yawning..O.o..enough about that

 I'd rather love SCIENCE than Maths stuff..but yeah!Science is 100 times greater than Maths!U know what?I love cells and human body things...and anything related to it..That is what we call REAL SCIENCE-the disgusting things-
I love Pendidikan Islam too!I'm so excited to open the thick textbook and to listen to what ustazah is talking about especially when it comes to SIRAH-the story about Prophet Muhammad and his frens,the muslim fighters..The first muslim to syahid ia a woman!!(SUMAYYAH)-so there's no such thing that Islam are being unfair to woman!:)

As usual,the exam will be held for 2 weeks.The week of BEG RINGAN.TENSIONING WEEK,everyone will hold books..everyone will start to be BOOKWORMS..huh...typical scenery on examination week..
everyone too.will take a long time to pray,some will puasa sunat and the library is the great place..haha..
Anyway,GOOD LUCK!!


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