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Friday, August 13, 2010

Experience..what??It's a GREAT teacher larr..

Bismilahirrahmanirrahim~ still here ..still da same person..still faiqah celebrate the 3rd day of fasting with da  muslim from all over da world(some country are in differ date&day)-3 RAMADHAN 1431HIJRAH..

This time my story sound a lil bit serious~

Got sumthing to tell u,blog..Im now a p.p(pengawas pelatih)'s a great test from ALLAH S.W.T~
Sum time,sum pupils try to make me lost my patience...i know im a person that is not so scary enough to make ppl scare or hear what im trying to ask-that's what my sister told me-she dunno me much-so what i care of?But I will always try  to improve myself to be a better person~AMIN..

We(prefect & p.p) always stand along da way dat pupils lalu..n things that we always tego is JANGAN SERET KASUT...dulu,i thought this stuff is so remeh..ske ati org la nk seret ke x...but...when i think..think..n think...da seret kasut's sound is soo noisy n it show how lazy da pupils are..n as students we must take care of our school's image~
Then,JANGAN LIPAT TUDUNG a.k.a BETULKN TUDUNG...u know gurls always lipat tudung dyorang yg atas tuh...n i dun like it..since 1st time i saw kakak2 do like shows keselekehan seorang plajar...
The same too as lipat lengan baju...I hate that things~not me only but i think da teachers too~

Sumtime,some pupils try to make me tgo them-they challenges me to tegor them..yela..sebab dyorang kan form 2...they thought we r scared of them..let it go~Im scared of Allah..
Sumtimes,pupils dun want to wear their handsock..eventhouhg,its a gurls school..u still have to wear it..They said "panasla..panas" like i wearing it too!!!IT actually protect our hands from the sunburn!!Plus, it makes my hand feel colder too~Walaupon,they wear da nipis one..

I want to comment sumthing ..Seems like the muslims at school are not respect da others who are praying and trying to khusyuk..FYI,only syaitan does that...they sit in front of da praying ppl..make noises..shout like mad...I think teachers had repeat it for millions time..dun do that..dun do these..when teachers repeat it, they said they always did at their mom at home..but why still do da same things if u dun want to hear the teachers' membebel??THINK...THINK..& THINK....

Talk about duty,yeah,its a lil bit depressing,but its ok,calm myself..this is the choice i've made..soo who r da one that take da risk must be brave enough to take the next step...every step means we are near to the top!!chill!!I nearly cry about taking this step..but its a PERASAAN SEMENTARA..if we did it..and did it to the next step ,it is a big success for all of our usaha!!remember,BITTER ROOTS BUT SWEET FRUITS!!

A fren of mine kene pijak kpale time sujud bcus she is a p.p...the one who pijak her kpale is jelez, i think..:P

It some of my experiences...for me,its a great experience to get along wif challenges see the real human being...for all of u...muhasabah diri setiap malam n u will get da answer...WHY?
Im not even purr-fect enough...Hoping I could always improve myself..from nasihat...teguran..It makes me feel stronger and matured..Dulu,I kept crying when problem comes..i thought it will hunt me..Alhamdulillah, i could get through all prob ..(its not as great as well as the others had,i thought?..hehe)

The one who is getting more experience day to day,

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