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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hari Kokurikulum 2010~

Ooh~i want to talk about hari koko at  RPS-my skul-(if u dunno)-Raja Perempuan School a.k.a Royal Princess School-< great eventhough its a tiring day...yeah..actually its my very first time meraikan hari koko-not very meraikan but on duty-haha!!tapi mmg mengajar remaja bkerjasame walaupon penat...i think hari koko x kire ble2 pon will always be sweet memory for all students...
Intro has finish now im going to talk about how its going on...
I came at 6.30 p.m. to temankan my sister..she had to come early bcuz her class had lots to-do~and i really need to sacrifice for her-kik yah!!u need to appreciate me ok!!..u know what?her class's stall was behind my class's stall-haha..At first me n my classmates were very worried bcuz our form teacher had come a lil bit late...but its ok ...she had lots to bring for our stall..<3!!thanks teacher asyikin!!And another prob is...our chocolate is not a liquid!!owwhhh~~nooo~~we sell pancakes and actually its very delicious but ppl dunno...we brought sample around da whole padang ..and yeah ..they tasted it...and they said its great and they said they wiiill 'come' but they didn't...T_T....and then im on duty...its really great to teach the whole class how to shape da mickey pancake and they easily get it..oohh...i luv them especially Syafiqah-my class's asst monitor-she shaped da mickey pancake better than me...after that me n my n frens went to da 3D HAUNTED CINEMA...and they said its really terrifying so i really excited...i went into da haunted house and da concept is really creative...they make it like a cinema and it is 3D-u know it and get it, right-wwooo~
I WENT INTO DAT HOUSE ANDDD I SAT ON DA CHAIR ANDDD DA MOVIE STARTEDDD ANDDD I DUNNO WHAT HAPEN NEXT.....BCUZ I CLOSED MY EYES EVERY SINGLE TIME IN THAT HAUNTED HOUSE....OOWWHH~~REALLY!!BUT I CAN FEEL DA GHOST TOUCHING N TRYING TO MAKE ME SCARE BUT SHE IGNORED ME BCUS IM NOT EVEN SHOUTED OR SCREAMING LIKE MAD...I CAN HEAR THE PPL BEHIND ME SHOUT LIKE THIS "oohh..hantu kejapla ak penat da x larat da ni!!dah la tu!!!"HAHA~and one of my fwen said the hantu is really cuuttee~how can??and of my fwen told me that the hantu climb up on her chair...whooaa~i think im going to faint~
gUESS what..i met Ajwad-my fwen at SK SUNGAI ROKAM-i hope i could meet all my fren at Sg Rokam..T_T
p/s:my sister's stall was really class mmmm...not really...soo sad..

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