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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gain or Lose

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello hyee

Well now I am back wanna talk a bit about myself.
*close window* haha

Haha ok lol i was just kidding. but yeah really this time it's not about my poems, opinions or whatsoever because I am currently lack of them and lack of everything because staying home 24/7 makes me sleep a lot and my mind was closed enough to see everything hahahaha

Ok in 2 months time, my eldest sister's wedding will be held (I AM SO EXCITEDDD). The problem is I have planned to lose weight since a year ago before the wedding but yeahhh I am being me. Kuruskan badan tak senang la wei. i have tried not eating rice( I only take the dishes like fish/chicken and vegetables) and I succeed in doing that for a month. That was when I was in matriculation but I didn't lose any kilo because here's why; the lauk are mostly oily and sometimes in the evening I ate keropok lekor or pisang goreng to replace the nasi la kononnya hahahha. Hmmm of cos that wont work. Then, I stopped because that obviously didnt worth any of my time and sacrifice. Berlapar je lebih hadoi

Ok so after that I was full of determination to lose weight at home.
Hahaha yeah I am talking nonsense :|

I iz sad :( If i have a lot of money, I would definitely hire a personal trainer to observe my diet and push me to work out.

I did jog at a recreation park which is just a stone throw away from my house but that is not enough tu burn all the calories and all the fats because I am not consistently doing that.
i am so good at finding the perfect angle to give myself the slimmer effect hahah

Do I sound ungrateful??? Hahha sorry it's not that I am just sad with myself because I seem to not be able to control my diet especially during raya. I gain a few. What worries me what will happen to my body, sometimes I feellike I dont love myself myself. No no no I am not like the girls on instagram who claim themselves as fat but actually they are just sekeping, pipi je kot besar. I know my body mass index, I know being overweight or obese is not good. I am not lack of confidence. I just wanted myself to be better.
I am happy with myself, I want to be happier and healthier.

Cehhh i sound emo kan. hahhahaha I was just thinking mana tau nanti I kurus I baca balik ni mesti rasa nak nangis kan weheheheh

The most important thing I have to know how to love ourselves. One of the ways is to lead a healthy lifesyle. I believe a healthy body will give a healthy mind. I promise to take care of myself and avoid unhealthy lifestyle.

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