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Monday, October 14, 2013

Simply a lively soul.

All the sufferings and
All the thorny journey
We've been through
Were not made to
Make us roar in pain

The time will come
When we will understand
All the thing
That matters
In our life

Is infact
Something precious
And something valuable
To learn from

One day
We will learn not 

To choose our own happiness


We choose to make others
Feel happy
With what we have chosen

One day
We will have
To make sacrifice
Even for the smallest thing

Because that is life
We become better
By making wise
And important decision in life

And rise if we fall
From the mistakes
Of choosing
The wrong path

02.52 a.m.
16 Oct 2013

P/s: Salam eid ul adha 1434H :)

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