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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best feeling?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Hey how was your day? Quite contented or just another boring day?

As usual, I was on the twitter's timeline and I saw this; retweeted by a friend of mine.

 realitinya.... HEAVENNNNNN...

Sleeping in late
-tak best. Aku tak suka.

Having no homework.
-Cemane nak pandai wei. Kalau takde homework, mampuih aku tak pegang buku.

Hugs that last for a minute.
-Ini best, I got it from my mother. The best feeling of all. orang putih suke la ni.

Getting smile from someone special
-someone special tu family ke. Kalau itu pernah le. Kalau yang lain takde pun. Forever Alone.

Laughing until you cry.
-Cannot, gelap hati..

Getting an A on a test you didn't revise for
-Alhamdulillah. *smile widely*

Packing for a holiday
-Tak best. Aku takde baju, banyak yang dah tak muat, selalu kena pikior nak bawak baju ape.

Being called beautiful
-Tak pernah tapi ini mesti best. Forever Alone again

Eating the food you were craving
-No words can describe my feeling

Waking up and realizing bla bla bla

Finding out the name of the song bla bla bla
-Apa bestnye. Best la jugak kot

Perfectly peeling off a sticker
-Terbaik punya kuku.

Realising it's Friday
-As a muslim, it is SPECIAL. But for just an ordinary human being who hates Monday, this is a kind of feeling that you can't describe.

Falling asleep to the rain.
-Mestilah best. :P

Proving a smart person wrong
-Proving a dumb person who act smart wrong is better.

Winning an argument
-Tak best kalau menang tapi sakitkan hati pihak lain dan untuk puaskan diri sahaja. 

The most important thing is to be grateful for living another new day.
Live your life with passion and everything will seem to be the best feeling.

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