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Monday, October 15, 2012

Warm up photos.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Finally, it has ended.

It is PMR of cos.

I failed to do my best. That's all uolls haha.

Surprisingly, I 'accidentally' sign up for facebook and twitter! What? Like seriously?!
I have succeed to put them away from my life like for ages(months actually) but now I'm already tempted by all the lies. Ai, i cannot believe this. Whatever it is, i've got to promise myself not to be so obsessed to update them. Insyaallah!

I intend to upload some photos from Hari Kokurikulum aka Hari Usahawan Muda last 29/10. The form 3 students did not sell anything cos we've got to enjoy our last few days before PMR hahah.

Anyway...let's get going to some adventures that are not adventurous at all actually.

kalau boring, kite kena tangkap gambar, itu salah satu rulesnye uolls

baru lepas keluar rumah hantu, terus snap snap snap

8 fingers up means 8A's la bro!

That's all, girls. Aduh, penat, ngantuk. Nak tidooooq!

Last but not least, hari koko tahun ni tak best,dah lah tak ramai orang pastu tak de game. GRRR.

Before that, tak sabar nak berjoli starting from today!



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