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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stalker, its up to you to keep stalking ppl but please stay silence!

Assalamulaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Well, its already 11 something and of cos I got school tomorrow.

And I'm still here to express my dissatisfaction about this stalker. A junior of mine, a year younger actually.

Here it goes.

I went to the toilet during recess at about 10.30 a.m something and here came this girl from nowhere I dunno. Looking at me and suddenly, she said " Akak, sabtu ni bday akak"

And what on earth was she trying to do? Trying to remind me about my bday or what?? And how on earth does she knows my birthday?! Through fb? But I have deleted it. Eh, this makes me puzzle.

Actually, it does not really make me piss off but yeah to be honest, I dun really like her since I was form 2 for some sort of reasons.. that is unexplainable..well, it is actually explainable but u won't understand me, I mean me and my other two friends. What do u feel if someone keep staring u with a kind of face. I mean pervert face. Really pervert.. Ohhh

But that give-a-pervert-stare-to-me-and-my-2-friends is not that girl who reminds about my bday. But still she can be one of that staring-staring person. I tried to be good to them at first but they really annoyed me. Like no respect maybe??? Like making us feel scared? Like scared of a perogol? hahah

Eh eh lupa nak sambung.

Then, I have latihan rumah sukan in the evening. So, I have to stayback until 6.40 bcos I have no transportation and bla bla and bla bla. So, before I perform my Asar prayer, I went to the toilet. Out of the blue, this girl-the same girl who reminds me about my own bday appeared out of nowhere. Then, she reminds me again, HA, AKAK, SABTU NI BDAY AKAK. I dunno how to reply to be exact. Then I turned off my face from her without even a smile and went into the toilet. Kita memang dijodohkan di dalam toilet ke dik oiiii???? Aduyai sakitnya hatiku... pehal kau ni.

And I know this girl, she stalks my friends too. She knows Afnie's bday and maybe she knows Izzatul's too. Well, Izzatul had a lot of secret and not secret admirer. Including adik manis Laxi. HAHHA.

But, if I stalk somebody, I won't remind him/her about their own bday. That's way funny.

Eewwwww1000x. menakutkan giler.

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