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Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear My 100th followers

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hello Hye

Dear My 100th followers,
I have been waiting you for ages and now you are here. I hope you can always keep reading my entry.
I hope you can always remind me if I ever write bad or offended things.

You are so special. You are like the best train I'm seeking for, bring me to the next station and make me happy and feel the adventure

I pray that you can reach your dream and be satisfied in blogging.

Here goes the lucky person
                                 Nur Syah Ira'S

I would like to thanks you a lot for making my blog merrier! Wehee, May Allah bless you !

And surely it goes the same to my other followers, wether you are my 16th, 38th, 99th or even my 1st follower. You are so special and I love you all. You surely rise my passion in blogging and writing :)

For my dear followers
For my followers, keep reading and keep advisng me so that I can improve my writing. Remember, you are someone who inspired me, who rise my passion. I don't know who read this. or you may a Anonymous, whoever you are, as long as you read my blog, you are AWESOME and May Allah bless you.

*Ai, don't forget to comment cos I feel like I'm talking alone if no one comment on my entry.

4 love(s) me:

Razifredz said... [Reply to comment]

tahniah .... teruskan berblog

Hikaru Yui said... [Reply to comment]

kena unfollow ni.. pastu follow balik bila dekat2 200..hehe

keep on blogging =p

Nur Syah Ira S said... [Reply to comment]

Oh , haha , thank you so much my dear ! maybe I'm lucky to be your 100th follower , haha . Anyway , I appreciated it so much :) InsyaAllah I'll keep reading yours , but yeah don't forget to hit mine back hihi .
You only 15 , when you've reached your followers about 100 now , you're lucky my dear . just keep on blogging and hopefully you will achieve whatever you dream of . May Allah bless you too . again , a load of thanks , dear ;)

Faiqah Umaira said... [Reply to comment]

@Razifredz terima kasih, Insyaallah akan terus berblog :)

@Hikaru Yui janganlah unfollow..hehe jangan risau semua special. Tak kisahlah yang ke 100 ke, 200 ke sume followers yang best

@Nur Syah Ira you are not just lucky but special, of cos i will to hit urs back, your blog is a lot interesting and simple too which attract me to follow you. Thanks a lot too!


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