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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~I love Cartoooooonnn~~

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
Hye Hye

Still HOLIDAY and Holiday is about finish ur homework except November till December cos we'll be in the next year~ :DDD but still, my homework is not finish yet..AYOYAI...As usual,my homework is always not being finish..hehehehehe..but I will always try to finish my homeworkkk...
**So many HOMEWORK & FINISH word :)**


Nahhh--- my intention today is to post about CARTOONS..teeheehe.. I love cartoon..It makes me feel like a kid ..A KID that is burden to carry..but that's IMPOSSIBLE! but I can see cartoon in Malaysia has its own values and moral..and  I think that's the main point of educate the children .... like UPIN & IPIN
example of full of values cartoon
 Upin & Ipin
These two kids make me smile :)                
The latest cartoon is BOBOIBOY.. We just watched the first episode last Sunday..It is on TV3-7 pm-
Thumbs-up! (TERBAIKKKK !! is the tagline :D)
The characters of this cartoon are Boboiboy (the main character) and his friends- Yaya , Ying , Gopal and his Grandfather, Tok Aba who sell cocoa beans .. and the aliens try to invade earth for cocoa beans!! 

Teeheee~ My imagination works very active when I watch those cartoons and I dun like to watch Korea show bcos I will feel stupid~NO OFFEND~ better watch Imam Muda~ Hey! Imam Muda is going to start!! WOHOOOO!!Hope it can bring better IMAM for our next generation-who can lead-
Here I put my fav cartoon :)

It has been a long time since I watched chalkzone :(

But, some are not good like HAGEMARU,EEEUWW..I hate Hagemaru! and Asarichan!


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